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Bio - So who IS One Less Karen????

One Less Karen is married acoustic duo Jim and Robin who share equally in songwriting, guitar playing, singing lead and harmonizing. The couple met as complete strangers at one of Jim's band performances in 1997, when Robin mosied right up to the stage and asked the band if she could join in on a song. Instantly the two knew their voices were meant to be heard together, with harmonies and phrasing combining as if they had been practicing together for months. They have been together ever since.

Since both were songwriters, they were able to come up with a set of original music in a brief time and emerged with fresh original songs. They started performing soon after and word spread swiftly about this "upbeat, energetic duo." Until the summer of 2001 when they moved to Montana, they lived in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, a well-known hotbed of musical talent. 

Their original music is described as having a foundation in the alternative folk-rock vein, with a midwestern twang and a touch all their own. The Octopus, a local alternative newspaper and scene-follower in Illinois, described One Less Karen as a band "…whose original music is on a par with the best Americana music out there…not as rowdy as country-punk and not as sleepy as folk." The Champaign News-Gazette said that they “have the unique ability to write and perform songs that could fit nicely into any decade of the rock era.”

For over two decades they have enjoyed their musical accomplishments and performing for their fans. They released 3 full length CDs, played live on radio stations WWHP and WEFT, opened for Ellis Paul and Sandy Ross in the Cornstalk Concerts series, and have performed at too many park districts, festivals, bookstores, benefits and local clubs to count. Folks from every age and every walk of life have enjoyed One Less Karen's music.

Audiences always appreciate One Less Karen's enthusiasm, originality, and humor, and sense something special in their collaborative efforts. The secret of their appeal lies in their energy, freshness and contagious love of good music...and for each other.